Nate is an undersized NBA player with big heart. Nate has reached his apex and every summer he calms down to distribute the ball and once the season starts he cannot control his emotions.

Nate doesn't listen to instruction well and will not enjoy playing only 12 minutes a game. His speed & strength can only diminish from here on out and without his athethic abilities he is not a good player.

Does he have a year or 2 left in his body? Sure, but it would make more more sense to package him out to a team that wants a boost and for the Knicks to rebuild the backcourt.

2010 should bring in a 2 guard. Nate can't shoot consistently like a derek fisher, nor can he can't the ball like Tony Parker. This leaves take as the first 5 ft 8 tweener.

I really was that dissappointed with missing out with Sessions because he isn't that great. Sure our team needs good guard play, but we don't want to waste dollars right now.

Nate will be moved, if not, he won't be a Knick next season.

Sure, we would all like to trade for a big name player, or move Curry/Jefferies contract, but reasonably we need to use Nate as the bargain chip while we have a chance.

WE would all like Lee to stay and we will try to keep him but Nate we can do without, especially after we got everything we could out of Nate already.