View Poll Results: Will selfish contract related plays ruin our chances at a playoff birth this year?

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  • Yes. Players will jeopardize our chances looking for stats and future contracts.

    2 33.33%
  • No, we will remain tght knit and goal oriented and defy the odds.

    4 66.67%
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    Question Mark Hollinger On Knicks?

    Peanut head has given his evaluation on the Knicks' player efficiency rankings on ESPN insider.

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    If anyone is a member and could post the article in here that'd b much appreciated.

    I think the guy's a douche but he's still an accurate mathematician and could give us something to think about.
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    Personally, I hate that PER crap. I think it's meaningless. I guess it's good if you are using it in addition to watching games, but Hollinger purely goes off his calculations. It's interesting, but you have to take it with a grain of salt.

    BTW, I ****ing hate how espn wants you to be an insider to read 90% of their articles. Money-hungry bastards.

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    the infamous Eddy Curry stat!!! his PER is like -317 pounds!!!

    I think players elevate their game when they're on a contract year, so this is more than welcome... Lee and Nate saw how difficult is FA nowadays, so Im certain theyre headed into career years if they want to secure a big payday next summer and that is good for the team's playoff chances.

    Darko is one inch away from being left out of the NBA, so he better come ready to have career numbers.

    I really dont give a **** about all our other FAs.
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