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    Default Free agents of 2010

    Free Agents
    I will post a list of 2010 free agents that are good and describe their skill set as an asset to the team. I will later post their estimated salaries (based on if they were to come to the Knicks.

    By Position

    Currently Signed: Eddy Curry (could be traded)
    Amare Stoudemire (both a power forward and center, worked great under D'Antoni offense and can defend pretty well).

    Brad Miller (A highly skilled big man, whose a pretty good scorer, there are aspects of his defense that are good, but that is his weakness, generally, a change of scene could change that).

    Tyson Chandler (Scores decent, but can rebound and defend very well, is young).

    Marcus Camby (Scores well, rebounds very well and a top defender, a veteran player with the Knicks).

    Power Forward
    Currently Signed: Jordan Hill
    Chris Bosh (one of the top power forwards in the NBA, can defend well, rebound well and there is room for improvement, especially with D'Antoni).

    Carlos Boozer (Can score well, rebounds very well and plays good defense).

    Shooting Guard
    Currently Signed: Danilo Gallinari
    Manu Ginobili (A very good scorer, who makes the best of his minutes and a great defender who offers an affordable option, unfortunately this makes him a very desired player, who the Mavericks seem to likely acquire).

    Joe Johnson (A pretty good scorer, played under D'Antoni in Phoenix, he can defend really well, so he can play on both ends).

    Small Forward
    Currently Signed: Wilson Chandler
    Richard Jefferson (A very good scorer, defense is alright, it has fallen off, but he is still a valuable player).

    Raja Bell (Shows great shot selection and most importantly is a top NBA defender, offers the Knicks an affordable option).

    Point Guard
    Currently Signed: Toney Douglas
    Rafer Alston (An effective defender, can score and pass pretty well, he is a veteran and knows his way around).

    Raymond Felton (A great point guard, he can defend great, score well and passes, there is room for improvement. But, he has asserted that he wants to stay in North Carolina).

    TJ Ford (He probably won't take the offer from the poor preforming Pacers, but his contract would be steep, even if he is the best point guard of the bunch, we should focus on keeping the cap for better players).

    The Knicks should resign Nate, I don't think we should trade him. He has more room for improvement and has great scoring capability. His defense is lower than average because of his height, but the amount of energy he gives and his high jumping ability (demonstrated in blocking Yao Ming) compensates for some of that.

    Additionally, LeBron is a maybe. First, we have to sign Bosh or some team support for him to consider us. While, he likes New York as a city and likes Madison Square Garden, a championship is the most important goal.

    We need to sign two very good players who can defend and score, as well as an effective point guard. The team should cap space for 2011, which will offer another good free agent to complete the team and push us to championship status.

    We should consider signing Camby as a one year rental, he can still defend and his scoring hasn't fallen off.

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    Correction: Jared Jeffries is also signed as a center in 2010, but he might be traded.

    Amare Stoudemire, PF + C ($18.9 million)
    Chris Bosh, PF ($18.5 million)
    Richard Jefferson, SF ($16.2 million)
    Joe Johnson, SG ($16.1 million)
    Manu Ginobili, SG ($13.8 million, a bargain, but unlikely)
    Tyson Chandler, C ($13.8 million)
    Carlos Boozer, PF ($13.7 million)
    Brad Miller, C ($13.25 million)
    TJ Ford, PG ($9.18 million)
    Marcus Camby, C ($8.7 million, a bargain)
    Raja Bell, SF ($7 million or maybe veterans minimum, not likely)
    Raymond Felton, PG ($6.8 million, very unlikely)
    Rafer Alston, PG ($5.94 million or veterans minimum)

    And most importantly: LeBron James

    A minimum salary for him would be at least $19 million (or more) and worth every cent. But, he also wants a championship team and that will factor into it.
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    I'd be real cool with bringing back Camby in 2010...Couldn't give him a lot of money though, maybe a 3 year contract at 10 mil.

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    If we can trade Curry and Jeffries for a second round draft pick, then we will have an incredible amount of cap space.

    It's a simple formula to build a great team, there must be a solid point guard, a very good center and a team leader.

    Here are the players that we should look at, they fit our teams needs the best:

    We would be able to sign a power forward, Chris Bosh would be best because he still hasn't achieved his full potential and we can sign a long term deal for him, plus he's more cost effective than Amare Stoudemire. Bosh would be our leader.

    We should sign veteran center Marcus Camby, who will bring some blocks and defense to our team. Our team is one of the lowest ranking when it comes to defense and we have no real big men so we have the lowest amount of blocks in the NBA. Camby will make up for that, he averages 2.8 blocks per game, more than our team as whole. He can rebound very well and will make up for a lack of David Lee. He is cost effective and if we offer him a solid 1 year contract.

    Joe Johnson is another player we should look at. He is a very good defender and can reguarly give 20 points per game. We have no shooting guards signed in 2010, besides Joe Crawford as a back up. But, Johnson would do very well as our main shooting guard.

    Rafer Alston seems to be interested in coming to New York. We should definitely sign him for the minimum exemption, around $5.8 million, which means we can sign him above the cap. He is an effective point guard: a good passer, defender and can score pretty well. Plus he has streetball moves that can get the crowd excited for the team. Signing him would be an easy decision.
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