I really liked what I saw from Chandler in game one, but I'm not convinced he's going to make much progress this year over last. His instructions for the off season were to work on his "handle" (he twittered that info when he had an account). Mostly likely, the team wants him to be versatile enough to play some SG so they can play him with Gallo. However, IMO he also needed to work on his outside shot, shot selection, and ability to finish around the basket. The problem is that he was off the court for almost the entire summer due to his surgery. He didn't even return to the court until September and isn't even 100% fit yet. He said as much the other day. So I seriously doubt he has made huge progress on his handle and any other skills in the off season the way we hope.

Chandler is still part of our future, but don't be surprised if we see a lot of the same inconsistency this year that we saw last year.