Looks like Isiah made have done us a bit of a favor in trading our pick to Utah. Lottery picks make anywhere from 2 to 5 million dollars their rookie season. If the Knicks were to have a pick in the draft this year that money would be on the books July 1st, thus counting against our cap. 2 million makes a world of a difference if the NBA cap comes in at the rock bottom figure of 50 million.

Well like they say, "Dumb luck, is better than no luck at all"

Ok, so here is how we shed 10 million without having to trade Curry. It has to happen in this order

1.Trade Jefferies: ok so this is a no-brainer, and still thought to be a long shot. But, if Jared Jefferies can put up decent numbers (6 pts 4 rebs 2 ast 1 stl) then he could be the type of player off the bench an already good team would want. Washington,The Spurs,The Celtics and The Nuggets are all teams that could make use of him off the bench and have no intentions on being players in the 2010 FA market thus getting his two year deal for an expiring contract is a fair deal to them.

2. (not going to go over well) Trade either Wilson or Danillo: The bottom line is that these two players can not co-exist. They occupy the same position and while Danillo can slide to the PF just like Wilson can play some SG, neither player should be counted on in those position full-time. I would gladly trade either for Rubio who's contract would not effect our cap into 2012, plus Rubio would make NY a desirable place to be at. Minny needs a SF for the future -we got two- we need a PG for the future-they got 3- lets make a deal! Of course we could use one of these two players to get a team to take Jefferies in the likely event Jefferies plays as good as he always has as a Knick

Trading Danillo after/with Jefferies would actually cut 10.1 million in off the books in its self bringing us to 16 million and trading Wilson after/with Jefferies would save us 8.9 million bring us down to 18.2 million.

3. Buyout Curry: Trading this guy is looking like mission impossible and if he is not traded by draft night next year we just buy him out the next day for 9.6 million. That would free up 1.5 million for us

so lets look at the numbers

Jefferies traded for expiring deal = 6.8

Trading Wilson= 2.1

Curry Buyout= 1.5

That would give us 10.4 million with a 17 million dollars on the books. Now the cap at the absolute worst comes in at 50 million then we now have 33 million to spend.

Best case the cap comes in at 55 million with us making these moves and we have 38 million! That allows for us to retain Lee and Nate's bird rights plus get one Max FA and another All Star calliber player