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Did you watch the game last night??....was Toney Douglas not the game breaker scoring 14 4th quarter points??....he has taken over at least 3 games in the past month in the 4th quarter....and he has barely played this year....this post is a fail because you are judging someone and ignoring what actually happens in the games...

Toney has ice in his veins and is the most aggressive player on this team on both offense and defense.

With Gallo, he did suffer because teams started playing him up close. But Gallo suffered because he didn't realize until now that he has to play aggressive and drive towards the hoop in order to be effective. Last game Gallo realized this and kept drawing fouls because defensemen are trying to play him so close that Gallo can easily flop or draw a foul....if he plays like he did against Philly then teams are going to have a problem against him.


First off I am not failing to recognize what Toney brings to the table, he is good defensive player who does indeed have the ability to knock down shots. I loved what he did for us against HOU. today

Futhermore my reply was actully posted before The Philly game..... yet I have seen enough basketball to know that a string of good games does not equate to a solid NBA career, I mean Renaldo Balkman won at least 3 games for us with his defense and hustle his rookie season and where is he now? Larry Brown called Jackie Butler a difference maker to games on a few occasions his rookie season.

The funny thing is that you point out him playing well despite barely playing this year as an attribute, but Mardy Collins instantly comes to mind here, remember how good he looked at the end of his rookie season, the kid was putting up sick numbers -I think he flirted with a triple double like 3 times- now look at him.

Look I do not dislike Toney Douglas, I would love to be wrong, but I'm just not that easily gassed off a few good games, especially at the end of the season on a team that isnt going anywhere

Best Case

Toney Douglas=Tony Delk (not at all an insult!)

Worst Case

Toney Douglas=Frank Williams