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Now you're trying to see some positives in this loss by stating that "Oh never mind, charlotte got raped and cavs lost again"? That's just ridiculous!
And saying that the coach doesn't have anything to do with the amount of shots outside the arc is brilliant and ignorant at the same time. It's clear that most of you guys never played basketball and understand **** about the game.
If the players don't play what the coach tell them to do, so why do they have one?
This team lacks leadership on and off the court, period.
And you can state whatever you want tuner, call me an idiot and everything, but D'Antoni is a crappy coach.
I will only partially agree with your post. I agree there were no positives in this game other than Gallo's shooting and a few good flashes from Darko in the paint.

While the coach can't completely control how many 3pt shots guys take in the flow of the game, he can curb it a bit and demand that they drive more to the basket. The way they were jacking up 3s tells me that they play that way in practice and D'antoni is totally okay with it. That's a cause for concern because this team is not the suns team he coachd that had excellent 3pt shooters.

The team definitely lacks leadership. I mean Dantoni did call plenty of timeouts to get things in order but its really the point guard's job to be a coach on the floor and make sound decisions. A good PG would realize that the team needed to get to the line a bit more and direct guys to post up or drive to the basket himself.

The Knicks didn't even know how to get back in the game at a certain point. They played like it was the last game of the season instead of the first. Way too many 3pt attempts and not enough FT attempts. Virtually no defense in the 2nd half. Playing Chandler at the 2 might be a mistake because he's trying to play the position by being more perimeter oriented which is not his game.

Lastly, Darko should start at center and Lee at PF. All this JJ showcasing is not helping the team.

Until next game, this team sucks.