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    Default NO NBA Games on League pass

    I cannot believe it. I have just got home, it`s about 3.15 here in Britian. I took a half day because I was so excited about watching a couple of last nights games on my league pass but there is no video on demand available because of technical faults.

    Bloody hell !! It`s been down since about 8am English time and they still haven`t fixed it.

    I have to watch games like this because games tip off at about 1 am English time so I have to watch Knicks and other games the next day.

    So annoyed that the NBA haven`t fixed this. They had better before the Knicks match tonight otherwise I`m going to do some serious arse kicking.

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    Sucks bra.

    Are you British or what?
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    I could say that I kind of know how you feel, I don't have a league pass but I am currently very aware of the game going on and I'm unable to watch it. Slow connections are quite annoying to say the least... But I plan on downloading the game and watching it later. Which means I'll probably only get to watch it Monday when I'm back home and with a more decent internet speed available.

    Argh... sorry for the rant.

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