Was with this girl since May. Everything was perfect. A fight here and there but no different than any relationship. Everything just came so natural to both of us. I can honestly say we were both in love. I know everything there is to know about this girl, and the same with her with me. There were no doubts in either of our minds that we were getting married. **** we even talked about having a baby. She always brought up how much she "needed" me and how we depended on each other..it was all true. This girl's gone through so much **** in her life, and I was the one to bring her happiness, that was the best feeling in the world for me. What we had was real. The realest thing I ever felt in my life.

Then the other night we were talking, she seemed different. I talked to her about it yesterday and she said to her, it just doesn't feel the same anymore. Then that was it. Over. Eveything we built up, everything we had. All gone. I feel like my life just got ripped from my body. This girl was my life. Just so empty and dead inside. By far the worst feeling in the world. Like all my motivation for everything is just gone. The worst part is that every f*cking thing I do or see or hear reminds me of her. She's in everything i do. I probably sound like such a bitch right now lol but anyone else have this feeling before? Getting in too deep with a girl you think you actually found love with, just to get punched in the gut really, really hard?

**** sucks.