Watching Lebron James consoling Toney Douglas last night made me think; but when I saw LJ approach Danillo after the game last night, hug the dude and then whisper something to him (KAHN from Newsday said it had to do with continuing doing what he's doing and getting his back in good shape).... Well, it was loud and clear to me that he's watching us and seriously considering NY his new home.

First of all, we have the obvious: LJ did nothing last offseason to help CLE. Had he announced his commitment he would have helped CLE recruit a guy like Artest. LJ did not do anything to help in that regard, and that is the loudest message sent so far. Had he truly wanted to build a winner in CLE, that would've been the wisest thing to do if he wanted to go for it this year.

NO WAY CLE is beating BOS, ORL or LAL this year. It aint happening.

Secondly, we have this thing with LJ and knowing enough about Danillo and his back. Let's be honest, of all the players on CLE and NYK moving fwd into 2010 and beyond... Danillo Gallinari is the best prospect hands down.

Sure, Chris Bosh could easily just sign with CLE next year. I mean, that's easier than coming to NY and having LJ follow him. WE ALL KNOW Bosh is fleeing Canada ASAP. I don't see him staying in TOR.

NOW, both of these cats are smart enough to realize they will be gazillionaires no matter what. NY wont need to worry about offering 2 max contracts. TRUST ME, Lebron would take less money to get another star in NY with him.

SO, if Lebron is already thinking about coming to NY, and bringing a star with him, than no wonder why he sees NY a solid option. We have Danillo, we can also use our bird rights for David Lee. Danillo and Lee as the 3rd and 4th option on a winning team is the ideal situation for both.

Harrington will join the ship b/c he already said he wants to be here when we win. Toss in Darko, Hill, Douglas. There you go!

PG ?
SG Gallinari

Harrington (6th man), Chandler, Darko, Hill, Douglas

This will win you a championship.... and be a force for years to come! I'm also confident Curry will return and play well enough where he will be dealt.

NO MATTER what happens this season, getting rid of Jeffries and Curry, while developing the kids is the key to this season. LEBRON probably has one of his buddies assigned to following us all season. He also realizes CLE doesn't have a supporting cast (They do not have a player like Galinari).

We might have to trade Wilson Chanlder to get a PG, or to force someone to take Curry....