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    Default Are these Knicks deliberately playing like this or are they just really this awful?

    With a roster full of players such as Larry Hughes, Chris Duhon, Al Harrington, Darko Milicic, Nate Robinson and David Lee that have one year remaining on their current contracts why does watching this team play like the '97 Denver Nuggets not take me by surprise? Is it because most these players know that they won't be Knicks next season and would rather get paid a boat load of cash and bring their C game to the hardwood floor every night? What a way to finish out a wonderful Knick contract by embarrassing an already battered organization even more.This team cannot possibly be this awful after going on a mini run last season and giving their fans post season hopes.I think that most of them just don't care about playing winning basketball and putting in the extra effort.If you were playing out the last year of your contract and knew that you weren't going to be a part of your team's future plans wouldn't you do the same thing?

    If the Knick players are tanking this season on purpose then David Stern needs to step into this.He could begin by either suspending these players or by voiding some of their contracts.Maybe this intervention will wake this Knick team up and get them to compete harder.At the pace that this team is going they're destined to make Isiah Thomas' Knicks look like the Bulls of the 90's.Not only is this hurting Knick fans it's hurting the rest of the NBA in general.I'm sure that David Stern would do anything to make the Knicks relevant again.

    I promised myself that I wouldn't rant on the Knicks this season but how can any Knick fan not feel disappointed by watching their team start the season losing 7 out of their first 8 games? And the way that the Knicks have lost these games is probably the worst thing to swallow from this.A few heart breaking over time losses combined with some blow out defeats and a nationally televised laugher on their home court would drive the average Knick fan insane. This is suppose to be a year of new beginning, a year in which the Knicks exorcise most of their past demons and a year in which they prove to everyone that they will no longer be the cellar dwelling/non competitive side show of the NBA.I know that they're 74 games regular season games left for the Knicks to play but if they continue to lose 87 percent of the games on their schedule it's best to call it a season.
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