I congratulate all the Yankee players for a wonderful season to bring home another championship but we do have problems that need to be addressed.
This thread is to inform Yankee fans of what HAS to be done in the off season to keep this Yankee team in the World Series.

Important Yankee "to-do" list:

1- Find out if Andy Pettite will start in 2010, if not then go for a top starting pitcher. We won this world series because of three great starting pitchers, not because of just AJ and CC. My choice...John Lackey.

2- Make Joba the permanent set up man and put Hughes as a starting pitcher to end the saga and Joba rules embarrassment. Joba has proven to be a dominate set up man and an average to sometimes bad starter. Hughes has choked in the bullpen in big games and might be better as a 5th or 4th arm in the rotation. Having Hughes to pitch the 7th inning is great but you are wasting a top pitcher when he can start, pitch more inings and be very good at it.

3- Do not resign Hideki Matsui and only sign Johnny Damon to be a DH for one year at a max contract of 8 million. Matsui was awesome in the WS but let's be honest, he is aging fast and he has bad knees and can't play the outfield anymore. We need to get young stars that can contribute overall and not just offensively. Damon can not play LF anymore. His girl arm has to stay swinging the bat and off the field. Too many times did teams run home on base hits in LF because Damon's arm is garbage. We need his bat and his speed but not his bad fielding or arm strength.

4- Get a LF who can contribute in all categories. The top candidates are Jason Bay and Carl Crawford. Bay brings power and clutch hitting to be a dominate 5th hitter behind A-Rod and can mix up the lineup being a right handed hitter instead of a fluster of lefties.
Crawford would be a great Yankee with his speed and contact and would be a dangerous player on the bases. Think about Crawford, Damon and Brett Gardner starting...that's alot of stolen bases and runs scored.

Anything else can be added. post any ideas here. Thank you and congrats to the yankees!