The New Jersey Nets are Just a better team. It's just that simple. We play as hard as them but they just play smarter. They have bench players ready to step up and make plays. So we don't have Allan Houston and Tim Thomas, that is the excuse we have but this is our team right now. Even when TT was there it was a blowout. The Nets are smart. They know Mrabury is what makes the team go. So when they stop him, the stop the Knicks. The Knicks defense was bad with back door plays but that will happen from time to time. If we could have scored more it would have helped our defense get back and maybe the Nets would ahve scored less points and the game would have been a dog fight. My team played hard. The Knicks are not ready. They have a 39-43 record and they are not even the worst team in the playoffs. Boston is gettinng smacked by Indiana. Detroit is killing Milwalkee. They only competitve series in the east is Miami and New Orleans. Marbury is by himself. Anderson gets no respect from Nets b/c the leave him wide open. He was 3-15 last night. Deke swears he's a post player. The Knicks are not ready but making the playoffs will benefit this team next year. Isiah is keeping close watch. He will change this team. I think he is looking for bench players this summer. This team will change drastically again this summer. Lets hope game 3 and 4 we will see a team play for pride.