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Look.....The NBA Draft is not an exact science! If it was then there would be no such things as a steal

Now I followed all the Draft Threads and all the talk was about was Curry, Rubio, and Jrue Holiday, so now that Ty Lawson and Brandon Jennings are having these great starts to the season now all the Threads are about dumb Walsh is for not drafting these players.

The fact remains is that Ty Lawson is playing a stress free role right now! He is backing up one of the Best PG's in the league on a very talented team. Now it would be foolish to think he would put up the numbers he is now as the full-time starting PG for The Knicks in his rookie season.....just like if we continue to start Douglas it will turn midnight on Cinderella before long and he will struggle.

Look Mil. drafted a major bust in probably one of the most talented drafts in recent years and then gets possibly a major steal in a weak draft the very next season, no team gets it right every year, Orlando wisely chooses Dwight Howard -a highschool player- over Okafor -most dominent player in NCAA- but that they also wasted a pick on Vazquez

Again, lets remember teams get burned all the time in the draft -it is as common as injuries in Sports- and lets also let more than 9 games go by before considering Hill a bust

I agree with you 50% here.

I didn't want Jennings cause his attitude seemed too immature for my taste, but i remember a hell of a lotta people here wanted Lawson..me included