Huh. Golden State didn't take just expiring contracts.

The Warriors completed a deal Monday that sends Stephen Jackson and Acie Law to the Bobcats in exchange for Raja Bell and Vladimir Radmanovic.

The trade will be announced Monday.

Jackson had hoped to be traded to Cleveland, New York or one of the three teams in Texas.

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Donnie probably could've worked a deal out that included Jeffries and some young talent (Chandler?). We would have maintained our current cap flexibility and locked up the SG position.

I just hope Donnie isn't too narrow minded with the 2010 approach. He needs to start looking at contracts other than expiring contracts.

I'm not saying Jackson was the answer. But I get the feeling that Donnie is not exploring other options. He needs to realize that Lebron is not coming here. I don't think settling for the free agent scraps next year is the best option.

We have a lot of valuable trade pieces. We just need to think outside the 2010 max-salary-cap-space plan.