I think the fear Walsh has is that Iverson comes in and hogs the ball. I think in order for the Walsh plan to move fwd....Curry and Jeffries have to be dealt.

Sure, if we bring in Iverson and let him run the offense.... We might win 35 games. Iverson-Hughes-Gallo-Lee-Curry makes for a decent starting 5. BUT, is winning 35 games worth it if it means we can't deal Curry?

I think Walsh wants to run the offense through big Eddy. Pump up his value, drive up his stock and deal him the moment somebody makes a worthwhile offer. HECK, Walsh might even be ****y enough to think he may be able to get something more than just cap relief and escaping from Curry's 2010 committment- dare we say we also get a young player or a draft pick?

OR... as somebody suggested.... Maybe Walsh received a phone call from another GM and hinted another deal could be possible (Ellis, Mcgrady, Bayless, Augustine)?

Maybe even after 12-15 when we can deal Lee or N8?

OR, perhaps the owner (Dolan) stepped in and killed the deal.