I hate you guys for posting Eddy Curry articles.

You're acting like if Curry plays so amazingly for 10 games, its going to make up for his inactivity and his terrible BUST career.

and Eddy Curry "amazing" is 17 ppg 4 turnovers 5 fouls, 3 rebounds, no blocks no assist.

I don't know why you dudes are so GASED...as well the dumbass New York media.

The only guy who ever will hype Curry up that had a profession in the NBA is Isiah Thomas and the dumbass scouts and GM who drafted him. I'm pretty sure those guys aren't in the league now.

Jerry Kouse traded a front court of Artest at SF Brand at PF and Miller at C
Epic fail.

Smart GM's don't want Curry.
We're SCREWED guys.
Just get over it.