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    Default my opinion about the knicks and the future.

    i know some would feel indifferent to this question, cause in the end we all just want our team to win a championship, but what would the difference in your opinion between "buying" a franchise player or acquiring one through draft/trade? would it make you fell like less of a true fan if we "bought" one?i know i would.

    i believe that the term "true" is a better adjective when describing the knicks history and tradition, as opposed to the yankees.

    when we thinking about knick players, we always reverted to the same type of players that have poured their heart and soul to win for this city.

    we all know them; patrick, oak, and starks, hell even sprewell. those guys are are "true" knicks. you know, those blue collar/punch you in the mouth types in the vein of reed and debusschere, that played with their heart on their sleeve, all for the glory of this city.

    to me those guys are true knicks.that's what the knicks are about, tough,tenacious won't take no ****, battle till the end types, and to me that's what the knicks will always be.that's what it was when frazier lead us to 2 championships; that's what it was when ewing led knicks battled the bulls till the end, and that's what it will always to me.

    i can honestly say that the impending free agent free for all situation will make me feel like less of a fan, cause it'll feel like we're trying to buy a championship.i'd prefer if the knicks did it the "right" way as opposed to that.

    the right way to me is getting that 11 guy that'll endear most nyc basketball fans to the game and the team again,and bring forth a new era for nyc basketball, and return glory to the mecca, like bird did in boston, like jordan did in chicago, like magic did in la.we need to get that 11 guy, we can call our guy, who we'll see blossom into a legend that we'll talk about till we're old.

    i think it would be more satisfying for me as a knick fan if that 11guy isn't a madison avenue mercenary, and i know it would for a lot of you as well.

    just needed to let that out.
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