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I said it before and I will say it again: You can question a coach's decisions concerning time-outs, fouling players, plays the team runs. These are things you can observe. However, it does not make sense to criticise a coach based on whom he is (not playing). The coaching staff has got so much more insight into team processes than we have. There must be a reason why he plays them. Although Duhon's numbers might seem horrible, coach Dantoni must have a reason for playing them. There is just no point in losing intentionally this year. Would you honestly put your basketball intellect above that of a guy who has done this all his life and is actually paid for this?
I understand that Pat but I was trying to point out that the coaching staff and Donnie have said that signing Iverson would take minutes away from the rookies but the rookies aren`t getting any minutes anyway. I happen to agree that not signing Iverson was a good thing but their reason for doing so is nonsense. Either bring in a talent and retard the rookies miuntes, which I don`t like or don`t bring someone in and develop the rookies. The Knicks are doing neither. They don`t bring in Iverson to but they also aren`t developing the young players.

Also, I would never suggest my intellect is greater in basketball matters than the Knicks coaching staff. Having said that you don`t need any basketball intellect to see that Duhon is contributing nothing and Douglas has played better whenever he has played.