I am convinced that it is a truly perverse faith in Duhon that we did not:

-- trade Chandler, etc. to get Rubio, et. al.

-- draft Jennings, or draft Lawson

-- acquire Sessions, or the other small handful of young but competent, playmaking PG's available

-- and, finally, not getting Iverson (though this is somewhat moot since we are a joke for the above major reasons)

We needed a PG. D'Ant needs a PG. This draft and offseason was rich with a diverse blend of PGs. We have a logjam of young forwards and our #1 FA prizes are varieties of forwards, with no PG in sight, to boot.

We willfully do everything in our power to do all *BUT* get a PG by draft or acquisition, in the ways aforementioned and many more that exist, as well.

We watch Duhon deterioriate just as so many fans watched him do so last year and saw the kind of player he is. And yet, our org does so much to *not* get a PG we see the *true* faith that they have invested in Duhon and now miserably stick with.

Why? Because the massive, franchise-altering error in judgement is all they are now left to cling to. And simply pray.