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Can someone explain to me why Nate Robinson is getting no minutes down the stretch??!?!?!?! Does anyone else not see this as insulting and a huge smack in the face to him? I have a feeling this game wouldn't have even went in to OT if nate was on the floor over that garbage Duhon.. please someone explain to me the real logic behind this... thank you.
Because Nate Robinson doesn't deserve minutes. The way he acts on the court (shooting at his own basket) and off the court (I'm convinced he is the prime culprit in not taking layup lines or drills seriously. This guy is immature, joking around, laughing it up...which is fine if the team is winning. Nate is supremely talented athletically but the fact is mentally he is a dwarf.

He kills the passing game, he isn't a good ball-handler. You say it's a "smack in the face to him" but the fact of the matter is every time Nate laughs off another loss, shoots the ball at his own hoop like it's a Harlem Globetrotters show, jokes around as the team around him tanks, it's a smack in the face to everyone on this team that does put in the effort, that does care. If I had my way, this guy would be on the next plane out of here.

Larry Brown had him and wanted to send him to the D-League. Isiah drafted him and had to justify it but by the end of his run looked like he wanted to strangle him. And now D'Antoni looks to be fed up with this clown and his antics. I've been steadfast in disliking guys that are headcases, can't seem to get along with coaches and are distractions (see: my dislike for Stephon Marbury, my desire for the Knicks NOT to get Iverson), and he is just the next one in the bunch. Why, oh why, can't we just get a team that goes out on the floor every night and PLAYS ****ING BASKETBALL?

Enough of these distractions, enough of these primadonnas, enough of the joking, the laughing all that crap until we get a team that CAN make the playoffs, until we get a team that CAN win. Nate Robinson is a ****ing joke, and we as Knicks fans need to stop giving him the pass because once in a while he can score 19. He's not a good PG (he can't really pass or dribble all that well), and he's too small to be a legit shooting guard. He's a sideshow, he's entertainment. That's it.