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Rudy Fernandez is a superior talent and skilled player compared to Chandler.

Rudy is an actual SG with ball handling and pass skills, along with Ray Allen 3pt range and JR Smith type athleticism.

Rudy would make the Knicks a .500 team and have a Ginobili type impact on this team.

Marc Gasol is a top 10 center...obviously better than Chandler

Aaron Brooks and Ramon Sessions are starting PG.

Landry, Davis, both would help the Knicks more than Chandler can.

Chandler is stationary...like Duhon, except he's athletic ...iono.

Chandler just isn't it.

I'll draft a lot of guys over him.

See metro I dont know what you are arguing against though. Allot of guys were picked over chandler
in fact 21 of them. The fact chandler produces as he does is good for a 22nd pick at 21 years old. No one is saying chandler is an all star or great, yet you continue to bash into him as if some one is saying so. All that I see in chandler is a really good role player on a losing team who gets pushed down because of the teams lack of success. There are times in games where chandler shows flashes and some times he looks lost like most 22nd pick 21 year olds in their 2nd full season. No one is arguing against you, I am just defending chandler in that he wasnt a lotter pick not even an early first rounder, and as far as players picked after him that are better than him, I am sure you can find in every draft 5 or 6 players better than the 22nd pick, that were picked later. I just dont get why at 2 mil a year every one loves knocking chandler, it doesnt make sense, he had no hype was never a projected all star, and yet we deem him as a bust, how can a 22nd pick average 12 ppg 5 reb 1 blk be a bust at 21 years old.