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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    So far coach Frank and coach Dantoni showed to be the worst coaches in the NBA....far worst than Byron Scott.
    do keep in mind that while the nets sux (really sux), at least frank has em playin some "D"... look at the scores.. they are pretty good in keeping the opp. to under 100.. ofcourse if the opp scores 100, u need to score 101, and their "O" sux's more then ours does...

    if 'toni had the knicks playin 1/2 the intensity of the nets, we'd have a few more wins for sure...

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    Originally Posted by SSj4Wingzero
    David Lee scored 25 points and still has an overall -5 rating

    Also baffling is that for the 13:12 that Larry Hughes was in the game he put up a -21 rating (meaning that the deficit widened by 21 points in favor of the Knicks when Hughes was in the game). That's sad.

    Duhon went 1-7 from beyond the arc. He shouldn't be playing.

    Hughes' atrocious rating speaks for itself

    David Lee had a good offensive game but man he let the Kings' frontcourt curbstomp him.

    Gallinari only had nine shots in 29:58. He should probably be taking more shots. Off night for him though, he's a rookie and it happens. Three turnovers is a problem, though.

    No minutes for Wilson Chandler? I didn't see most of the game, so I don't know why.

    Nate played pretty well, I can't really fault him this game. He still never plays defense, but at least he gave us some semblance of an offensive game.

    Al Harrington needs to stop chucking. 2-7 from beyond the arc? 6-19 from the field? That's chucking if I've ever seen it

    Toney Douglas had a bad game (then again I'd have a bad game if I only played like 10 minutes every other game), and Jordan Hill didn't really do much but he did have four rebounds and two blocked shots in nine minutes of playing time which is pretty good. One reason why I was happy we drafted Jordan Hill was that the scouting reports indicated him to be a pretty good defender, and it's good to see him blocking some shots which is something that we really lack.

    Overall...typical 2009 Knicks.
    Hmmm you say David Lee played great offenisvely but fault his defense.


    You said Nate played pretty well and you can't fault him even thow he can't play defense but atleast he played a great offensive game.

    If you blame one guy when he does something bad in a game THEN let another player slide when he done the same thing.Thats called favortism my friend!!

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