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With the current roster, Karl said he thinks D'Antoni has no shot of having success and believes Knicks team president Donnie Walsh should make him a front-office executive who runs practices, but has an interim coach to absorb the losses on the resume. Karl thinks a coach in D'Antoni's situation is being "thrown to the wolves."
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I praised Donnie Walsh, but the philosophy of what he's trying to do is difficult to coaching, miserable to coaching. It's the philosophy of personnel people that drives me a little crazy."
So Karl praised Donnie for throwing D'Antoni to the wolves? On one hand I can see how the plan is unfair to Mike. After all last season two of our best were traded and our star was paid to go away. But I wouldn't let Danny off the hook so easily. It is largely due to the mismatch of his coaching style and personnel that the Knicks are in this situation. But Karl's suggestion to protect D'Antoni and let an interim coach absorb the losses is over the top.

Karl's a douche bag, always was. Knicks played like pure **** for 7 games. Everybody was up chucking shots, no inside presence. Harrington and Lee are the only ones to even attempt to get into the post. Even Jordan Hill is jacking up long range shots. Speed ball is for pussies. In Karl's view, everyone is to blame but the ****ing coach. Instead of two all-stars, how about one all-star and a good supporting group. There are good defenders out there that don't really play speed ball. (Ron Artest, Bruce Bowen, Marcus Camby, Andrei Kirilenko, Raja Bell) But acquiring one or two of these players was not apart of the plan as it would take away cap flexibility. This in my view was the missing part of the 2010 plan.

Instead of having a well rounded team minus a star player and leader, Walsh has formed a team of defensively challenged jump shooters. With this squad the best an all-star can hope for is a first round play off sweep. Over the summer Knicks will need to make a **** load of trades. We need a better point guard and at least 3 solid defenders, two to come off of the bench and one starting.