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At this point Walsh has to jump in and say I brought this people here playing them. The team spent 3 million on just getting that Douglas pick and we aren't even playing him. The less he plays the worst he looks and the more he tries to do in short time. Young players learn by making mistakes and why don't we just send them to the D-League instead? We have an awful coach people...
We're playing HOWARD... how is it possible to sit HILL and DARKO the entire game?

AGAIN- GALLO was our best shooter tonight... did he even play in the 4th quarter?

When do you say it does nothing to help this team playing N8, Duhon & Hughes?

At lwast Harrington has hope to be our 6th man next year; and we're stuck with Jeffries. But nobody wants the other 3 vets, so why bother playing them?

HECK, I would rather see Landry log minutes.

This team wont win 20 games. WALSh-D'ant thought this was a 40 win team. How far off the mark were they? This scares me b/c they obviously have no idea how to evaluate talent. Yikes!