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    It's asinine. It's well known that David Lee is a black hole on defense, the entire league knows how easy it is to abuse him on defense, and we're playing him against the best center in basketball? When we have an adequate defensive center in Darko? Obviously putting Darko in doesn't guarantee that we win this game, but it couldn't have ruined our chances. There's no way Darko wouldn't have been better on defense tonight than Lee was.

    Also my two cents is that we should never play Nate Robinson ever again.

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    This team is a debacle.
    Darko has to seriously play.
    Gallo shouldnt be benched so often. They need to use him at point forward...on some Boris Diaw ish.

    Chandler is a MORON.

    Robinson is Robinson, I dont know why you guys are type surprised....we should be use to his circus acts, props to him for scoring a ****load of points in the 4th tho.

    Lee...honestly, who plays good defense against Dwight Howard? Lee should be at PF tho

    Knicks should be


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    Originally Posted by Arod2k9
    Make that 3-14! I'm so mad right now not being able to see the rookies. This is ridiculous, if we gonna lose at least get Hill and Douglas out there. If there is one thing that our coach knows how to do is bring those kids moral down.
    Thanks for the correction! I was in such a bad mood I didn't type it in correctly.

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    After watching our 17th game (vs Orlando) celebrity-coach Dantoni has reach the level of being the "worst" headcoach the Knicks ever had in its NBA history.
    And the 3-14 record is not close to the reason.

    We played 17 games and still we have not seen the tandem of "Hill & Lee" on the court together.....Hill's defense, shotblocking, rebounding, and 6 fouls has been needed in all 17 games played this season.

    It is known that Dantoni takes things (above and) overboard "personally" towards players, and by Donnie Walsh drafting another foward with our lottery pick I am hoping that this is not the reason why Dantoni is DNP PF-Jordan Hill.

    Darko could have started every game this season and taking out early in the first quarter by deliberatly fouling oponents in the paint (backup) making Gallo the 6th man this season.
    Chandler & Gallo recovering and healing from surgery was not suppose to "START" any games untill January.

    Nate Robinson was suppose to be the Knicks "starter & finisher" this season b/c we had help guards Hughes & Douglas coming off the bench.

    This 14th loss of the season showed "indivdual-performance" on offense, and little to nothing on team has been 99 games all together (Dantoni) and the only coaching strategy showed by the players is 3-ball there a NBA headcoach in the house???

    Lets Go Knicks

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