Because I know you are all sick of this.


Darko and Lee compliment each other well. This Lee at Center **** has to stop.
Gallo is our only piece we are never going to trade.
Hughes for defensive purposes.
Douglas...well, would YOU start Chris Duhon?

Curry- I'd give him around 20 minutes per game, depending on how much foul trouble he's in.

Nate- Meh. Depends

Chandler- 25 min.

Hill- 20-30 minutes. We're looking like total ****ing retards for passing on Jennings and Lawson (who I as well as half of KO wanted). We might as well play this guy. The less we play him, the more we look dumb.

Duhon- Whenever Douglas isn't playing?

Jeffries- Move him around C and SF. Defensively put him on the opposing PG. That's apparantly the only thing he can actually do

Landry- Oh how i wish it were Carl Landry. But I can't really make a decision, seeing as I've never seen him play.

What would you guys do? Cause we know half of KO has a better plan that coach D'antoni.