Good lineup. Lee can't play C, he's just outmatched.

Putting Darko at C and Lee at PF doesn't change the defensive problem, but...Lee's much better on defense at PF than he is at C.

Start Douglas, he can't be worse than Duhon. Start Gallo, he's our best player. Start Hughes over Chandler at SG since Hughes is probably a better man defender than Chandler, although when Hughes' shooting starts to go south then put Chandler in since Hughes is really really streaky.

Hill should be playing whenever Darko or Lee isn't playing, and Chandler should be playing whenever Gallo or Hughes isn't playing. I guess we can still use Duhon as a backup PG, but he's more likely to be effective as long as he doesn't wear down so that might not be all that bad. Probably not worse than it's been recently, that's for sure.