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    Nyk Logo Best current court leader of team?

    I think if you saw last nights game, you saw the difference in Hughes and Duhon. Maybe he got the chance because of Duhon's ankle, but Hughes at 30 years old and 12 years in the NBA can run the team without hesitation, Duhon hesitates constantly, first with his passes, then whether he should shoot (it's been a long slump). Before you know it, he is tied up and so is the rest of the team, everybody is standing on offense like a "Y" game of youngsters.

    When you take out Phoenix with the beating we put on them the first quarter last night, you saw Hughes directing traffic with precision, like a cop at a major intersection, nothing selfish (nor is Duhon). His passes are so fast and tight, so on target, that sometimes even watching on T.V. he can fool your eyes. If D'Antonio would leave him in a half straight, he would get his shot down. I will still take 14 ppg anytime, plus the steals. Robinson may score 20, but the guy he is defending is scoring 22. Duhon gets 35 plus minutes every game and the team receives what? Hughes knows the NBA game well and plays the clock like a pro vs. Duhon or Robinson. He is the best defender of anyone on the team, always getting the toughest assignment. He ran the point in Cleveland and went through Detroit to the finals, but got whipped. He is way under utilized and recognized so far this year. Maybe he can increase the wins and develop the younger players for a few months.

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    Hughes is a really streaky shooter but he ran the floor really well last night.

    I would start Hughes, Chandler at SG (he's way better than Nate...), Gallinari, Lee, and Darko at C.

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