i wish we just had the knowledge of why darko isnt playing. is he really doing that bad in practice? kinda scares me that he could be that bad. robinson was in the doghouse he didnt see anytime. the more i see jordan hill, the more i want brandon jennings. toney douglass looked great in garbage minutes, he really put points on the board. wheres eddy curry btw? i know he cant defend but at least put a big body on Dwight Howard. Unless curry was injured, i cant fathom why dantoni wouldnt at least give him a try. duhon was bad, hughes was bad, chandler was bad till garbage time. ppl will see 24 points and think he played well, but trust me he CHUCKED and CHUCKED doing his best impression of Jamal Crawford except he couldnt hit **** until the magic had some nonexistent bench player guarding him. and gallinari had an off shooting night, but still put up 20 points. not to bad. overall cant say i expected to the knicks to win this one, just wish we could be more competitive.