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Last night worked, Hughes literally working the point from the right side of the backcourt, best outcome of the year, right?
Tonight, Duhon is back again, slowly bringing the ball up court, never a long pass, no speed, I'm lost. Didn't the coaches see the speed of the game the night before? The players were up for tonight, the coach sucked the wind right out of them.
Hughes wasn't hitting, but he wasn't even playing the role of last night, D'Antonio has to go with Duhon the whole game until it's flushed early third quarter. Hughes sat in the corner waiting to run his slash plays to the top of the key, not moving the ball, no chances for repeating the assist like last night.
I haven't pulled Duhon's stats, but I don't have to, for the minutes he get's on the court, I don't see why Robinson or Douglas is not out there more? It's like playing 4 players and Gallo's Dad must of gave D'Antonio a sweet deal somewhere. Duhon, just too many turnovers, no hands, no defense, no speed, but this guy gets all the minutes and plays in slow motion. At least Gallo get's his three's on and is developing (but will be spent by all star break).
Then what did Robinson do to have to sit next to Darko, that train is boarding for Europe is six months. D'Antonio can be cold on everyone but Duhon and Galo, two pets. Galo, I can live with, there is hope, but the defense on Lewis and Pietrus was just terrible. Lewis broke out of his slump, nobody covered him. Jordon Hill is going to take 7 years to develop, when you take a guy that high in the draft, with the state of the Knicks, you need to contribute now. Lebron will be excited to play with Hill (ya, right). Finally, can someone tell me why Harrington has to sit the first 5-7 minutes and be the Knicks top scorer? Is that what the guy prefers this or does D'Antonio just like giving up 4-6 points early each game?
If D'Antonio finds something that works, he is going to change it the next night, talk about screwing with your teams mind. These players are better than their record, this coach changes so much that if something works, he keeps changing, he wants the exact player to fill the role he wants. Sorry Coach, not going to work with this crew, your not even four deep.

Great Read.....accept for the Jordan Hill comment.
I'm sure Jordan Hill, Darko, and Curry's 6 fouls each on Howard would've kept the game close.
Jordan Hill is a natural PF that needs a Bigman-coach that will make him shoot the ball only when in the paint. All that outside shooting from Jordan Hill is a product of Dantoni's poor coaching of a bigman (that is why I dont want Amare as a FA). All these Bigmen coming into the NBA trying to shoot like Dirk is a JOKE...