The New York Knicks lose again and down 0-3. A great effort by this team but they fell short. Marbury played his heart out. But he can't do it by themselves. The Nets had this problem when Marbury was running it. With injuries to the Nets they never got success, when Kidd came through he inherited a healthy nets team with good athletes. K-Mart is a punk b@#$%&. He talks about TT is an underachiever his career. Ok i would agree. But this is coming from a guy who went to two straight finals appearnces and choked, badly. Sure he can beat the weak big men in the east but when it comes to the Finals he's achoke artist and I am going to expect the sam from him, if they make it. Isiah is doing a great job with this team. He is serious about making this franchise a winning one. He is a hard worker and the offseason is the best time to improve your team. Next year I think we wil be an elite team. We just need to play defense. Go Knicks. NY wil represent next year. Game 4 baby Lets go.