38 minutes and your point guard give you 7 points? WOW, I know it's .8 points below is average of under 8 points a game and 6 assist, his season average, but this is some strong love for a player averaging near 34 minutes a game.
I don't care what Robinson did, we get the point now, but to make this much of an example is just being a jerk. Damn, you think he pulled something like Curry? What is the love affair with Duhon? I don't get it. Gallo, sure, he get's hot, you knew the old man, I understand. He might make it, but with a bad back at this age, and his size, I doubt it, but you have to play him, he is improving.

Harrington and Hughes nearly ties Duhon assist in the game today? Oh ya, besides your big men of Harrington and Lee, he has the most turnovers pg.
This is not something from today, this guy has the most minutes of ANY KNICK PLAYER THIS YEAR? Every Knicks win this year, Hughes has been instrumental. I am not saying he is a superstar, I am saying what you got on the bench and what has happened with 25% of the season so far, Hughes, Robinson and maybe Douglas are better than Duhon. The Knicks would have lost today against New Jersey if Hughes did not drive hard and take the hits an get to the free throw line. Duhon hesitates and slows the offense down to a crawl. If Hughes did not take over the point (and he does it from the side of the key to keep Duhon still at the top, in the third , this game would be another loss.

I complained about Harrington not starting, I was wrong, he can only give you about 25 minutes and he is done, exhausted, but damn he plays hard.
Tyrus Thomas is not near this good and unless you think somebody is coming to play with Tyrus next year forget it. He only showed some hope at the end of last year in a total of three years now.

Lee, Harrinton, Gallinari, Hughes and Robinson or Douglas need to start and have Duhon come of the bench to come out of his slump. 25% of the season is blown on D'Antonio playing him the most minutes and he contributes no more on average to the rookie Toney Douglas. Duhon is not a long term point guard. Neither is Hughes, but wins is what you better get if you want anyone to come here. Lebron isn't coming to play with this group, he is just soacking the media. Hughes was his point guard his only trip to the finals filling in for Eric Snow. Hughes doesn't like to play the point guard, its just that he can be damn good at it, better than anyone on this team. No, he's not the future, but Duhon sure is not and you better find out if Douglas can mature. Hill is a bust, the word is out on that. No work ethic has be observed and guys with 5-12 years in the league still get to practice early and stay late. Not the rookie.

Oh well, thanks for letting me get that rant out, I am sure D'Antonio and the assistant coaches check the board nightly (then again, they probably do).

Going for 25 wins if they don't trade Harrington and cut Duhon's minutes.

Later from Colorado (KNICKS FAN)