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Nate has been the spark in the Knicks lockerroom, practice, and on the court, his happy personality has kept these Knick-players together and on the top of their performance on this roster.

All of Nate antics has always been b/c of one or two teammates not giving it their all on the court (Nate has always been the boldest player on this team since his rookie season picking a fight with Jerome James). When the Knicks are losing by double-digits and certain teammates refuse to get into Nate's transition performance to tie the score, expect Nate to do something crazy.
I watched this Knick team always put their new-players on the court with Nate Robinson first....for a good reason. The first steady lineup (same-players for 20 games) Nate Robinson ever had on this Knick team was being a part of last season 6 to 7-man rotation.

Very little coaching on offense/defense is ever really needed when u run a 6 or 7 man rotation of veterans, especially in our last 3 games when u seen PG-Duhon & C-Lee always on the side talking and planning together (far away from coach Dantoni). They did this during foul-shots, time-outs, or when the ball isnt in play. Dantoni substitution in the last 3 games has only been for players catching fouls.....where we only seen 7 Knick players on the court throughout the game in each of the 3 games.

Please let me know if I am "right or wrong" on this one?
This 3-game win streak has been from the above 30 minute performance of Duhon, Hughes, Harrington, and Lee (4 expiring contracts aka "rental-players"). With a huge lift from Wilson Chandler defense and Jefferies veteran knowledge on team-position.
Douglas & Gallo's backup minutes were decent, but that is what they were. The Sports announcers has been mentioning Gallo name 4 times more than any other Knick player since the start of the season (Knicks organization doing).
However, the last 3 winning games had a Gallo DNP injury in one, 20 minutes of playingtime in the second, and a 33-18 3rd quarter without Gallo in the lineup in the third game. Conclusion:

The coaching of Dantoni giving Gallo 30 or more minutes of playingtime in the Knicks first 19 games of the season led to a 4-15 record inwhich the rest of the Knick Players did not seem to agree we have to guess who was the "BOLD" Player to bring this to the attention of coach Dantoni's face in front of the entire team? we should not guess to long b/c he probably said some other things too that got him DNP...

we all read the article of the players being angry over the losses after the Sacremento Kings game, which only had a piece of what really went down
Our next game is two days from now on Friday at MSG vs the 9-12 L.A. Clippers. Now is the time for one of our 5 best Game-Thread members to post a game-thread......we are on a 3 game winning streak at home to make it a 4-game winning streak...
The Nate-Haters really dont know all the things Nate brings to this team so they are excuse for not knowing