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    Default could the jazz move boozer plus nyk's 2010 pick?

    The Jazz will receive a first-round pick from the Knicks this coming June and David Aldridge writes that packing Carlos Boozer with the selection could be a possibility. Boozer has played well this season, but Utah has long been considered a long-shot to re-sign the power forward, who will hit the free agent market next summer.
    Completing a sign-and-trade would give Boozer an extra year in his next contract and adding New York's unprotected pick just spices up the deal for the Jazz.
    Aldridge writes that it would be hard for anyone to not at least consider a deal that would land an All-Star power forward and likely a high lottery pick.
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    any way we can get into these sweepstakes?
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    i honestly think that if this team stays together, and continues to play team basketball, we can get int the playoffs.if we make the playoffs, the jazz get a mid first round aldrich for them.

    but i think if we do make i deal we'll be heading down that slippery slope.this is were the jazz come in.

    do you think they would be willing to deal with the knicks with everyone short of gallo on the table? i think so.i don't think that donnie is going to make any moves unless it has something to do with that pick.

    becuase he doesn't have to.why **** with the chemistry now? i honestly hope no one gets traded unless its for that pick back.just strive for the playoffs even if that means letting certain players walk next year.**** the jazz.

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