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Damn, you got some unresolved issues with jamarcus. What, did he not give you an autograph or something?
why do you hate eddy curry so much? even people that arent knicks fans that i know hate eddy with a passion. Why? because there was so much potential in him only to be wasted because he was a lazy bastard who only cared about getting fatter. he made a team (in this case ours) wastefully spill out millions of dollars and he is one of the main reason we have sucked so bad this decade. so do you hate eddy because he didnt give you an autograph? of course not, this is the same reason i hate jawalrus russell. an arm like none other, a roethlisberger-like type body, good mobility, which got him a nice juicy contract only to be wasted away because hes a fat and lazy piece of ****. that is why i made this thread, he just reminds me of eddy curry so much, i really just cant stand him. maybe im overobcessing about him with all these posts ive written, but i really just had to let this out, i really cant stand this guy.