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    Originally Posted by Arod2k9
    This is beyond bad coaching by d'antoni, 6 players really? We are not a team anymore, can you imagine what the other players on our team are going through? I don't even want to imagine the plane ride to New York after thi game. If I'm Nate this is a complete insult to your manhood and pride. No Hughes and he doesn't even gets in?

    I have complained about the rotation being at 8 and now is 6! I would ****ing punch d'antoni right in his face for that if I was player, or maybe I would pull a Sprewell, lol. Seriously this is a disgrace and our coach is making it worst by not playing our 8th and 29th selections in the draft. The less they play the more pressure is in them. However, Hill and Douglas need time to when making mistakes they know that they will get the time to make up for it. That is what rookies need, patience and trust and our coach just keeps bringing their morale down.

    Fire d'antoni!
    Co-sign 100%. He actually played 7 but the bench players minutes were very limited. I can imagine Hill, Nate and Douglas are confused by his decisions and aren't too fond of him at this point. We already know Darko wants to murk him. You don't play your starters for an entire game especially when you have a gm the following night. The players were clearly tired in the 4th quarter but Danphony refused to use any of his well-rested bench players to create a spark.

    People of knicksonline, I'm telling you right now that Danphony is very overrated as a coach. No he doesn't have the best players to work with but
    seriously, if you coach the right way in certain situations good things will happen. Don't be blind, in PHX Nash was the coach not Danphony.

    I don't give a f*** what issues he has with Nate. The team comes first and if the situation warrants his play even if its limited then give it to him! He may be erratic sometimes but we can all agree that he has put in enough work in the NBA to fit in a 6-7 man rotation for a night. This dude Danphony is a stubborn little b****.
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    Originally Posted by nyk_nyk
    You don't play your starters for an entire game especially when you have a gm the following night.
    Very good point. You can't have the starting 5 play over 40 minutes on a back-to-back.

    Expect the Knicks to lose to the Clippers tonight. Look for many 3-point attempts falling short in the second half = tired legs.

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    Originally Posted by paris401
    care to amend your thoughts??????
    Yea that was pitiful. I didn't know we were going to shoot ourselves out of the game literally. 44 threes???? That Bulls team was reeliing after getting blown out by the likes of ATL and TOR. They Bulls were happy to only lose by 14 CLE earlier that week. Vinny will be lucky to have his job after the all-star break. But I forgot how bad the Knicks really are.....

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