I'm sorry to vent... But I cannot stand this style of basketball anymore. I don't mind losing, but this is not effort.... This is quitting!

To make it worse... we did (played) the same game in CHA, and the coach learned nothing!

15-45 from the 3-point arc! HOw does a COACH PERMIT THIS?

We have 9 points in the 4th quarter? A semi-decent coach could manage that with a few TOs and well-devised plays.

Look at the play-by-play for the 4th quarter. Can you believe it.... One missed layup, one blocked layup, a missed tip in, 1 missed 9-foot shot, a few free throws... EVRY OTHER POSSESSION was a brick 3-point shot.

How do you play an entire quarter and don't bother to drive into the paint?

They did this in the 1st half, as a 17-point lead went bye-bye... Bricking (missing) 10 consecutive 3s.... Wouldn't a halfway decent & lucid coach, who cared one iota... call a TO and tell his team to stop the madness?

Knicks are 8-34 from 3 on their last 34 attempts.


I wont even mention how CHI announcer basically said D'ant blew this game by pulling Harrington after he scored 14 quick points.

HOw CHI laughed about NY's THIRTY missed 3-point shots (more than any opponent has even attemnpted against CHI this season).

What we saw tonight was a coach who could care less, and a team who could care less.... L-A-Z-Y... Wanted no part to earn their millions.... Just go through the motions and shoot 3 pointers.

We play 12 minutes in the 4th quarter and don't score one basket in the paint? We take 3-4 attempts even within 10-feet? This after a 4th quarter collapse our last game.

See everyone in July. If these cats don't care, why should I?

-CHI announcers just repeat the line: D'ant just blew this game. They talked about how coach went with Curry, Douglas, Gallo together when the knicks were hot and NY saw 17 point lead disappear, and NY never recovered.

WOW.... they are ripping coach D'ant!