Dampier is a very good rebounder, he hasn't fared well against the bigger centers in the west though. That may be a factor in him possibly heading east. If the Knicks are looking for a small center, they should go for someone more athletic, like Batie on the Cavs.
Crawford looks good for the Knicks, he's versitle, has good size, and most of all, he has potential. Besides small changes like these, I just see Thomas making a major move, possibly getting another star in the lineup. The Knicks have plenty of $$ to throw around, but they should make room anyway, by getting rid of big contracts like, Anderson, Mutombo, Hardaway, Norris, Harrington, Trybanski.
All these guys are tying up, what could be going to more talented, and or younger more versitile players. I like all the players on that list besides Anderson, but the Knicks would be better off shopping around for better investments, players that can run up and down that court, play good defense, make the clutch shots.