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"On the night [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] returned to action following a four-year hiatus, scoring nine points and logging 14 minutes in Friday's 95-91 win over the Clippers, [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] didn't get off the bench, and it isn't sitting well with the center, who has taken a lot of heat over the past two years for not being on the floor.

While Robinson and Curry are close friends and sit together on the bench, their situations are vastly different. The Knicks had hoped Curry would be playing at a high level so they could trade the seven-foot center, while the team re-signed Robinson to a one-year deal, believing he would have a positive impact this season."


Curry is ALREADY complaining about his lack of playing time!

Hey Eddie... when you enter the game, not even a 17-point lead is safe. You look terrible! EVEN BENDER, who missed 4 years, looks better than you right now.

TO BE FAIR to Curry, he's largely ignored while on the court. nobody bothers to feed him in the post, or hit him on the pick-n-roll. SO, if he aint scoring he really can't contribute.

BUT, the NY DAILY NEWS has a good point:

SEND CURRY to the D-League for rehab games (5-7). They do this in MLB, and they should in the NBA.


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By Frank Isola

If Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez can do rehab assignments in the minor leagues, why can't Eddy Curry?

Think about it: Curry isn't helping the Knicks nor himself during his latest comeback. He played less than four minutes in Thursday's loss to the Chicago Bulls and the Knicks were outscored by 13 with Curry on the floor.

Curry hasn't faced live NBA competition in nearly two years and he's not going to find his rhythm and improve his condition playing four and five minutes a night. He should be sent to the D-League for two weeks, play five to seven games and stay on the court for 35 to 40 minutes.

For years, I've felt that the NBA is missing a great opportunity by not encouraging teams to assign players to the D-League to play a few rehab games. It would be good for the D-League and for the injured player. The Rockets should have done this with Tracy McGrady and the Knicks should do it now with Curry.

He's clearly not ready to help the Knicks. I don't know if Curry could help Springfield, the Knicks D-League affiliate, but Springfield could certainly help Curry.

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