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    Originally Posted by Arod2k9
    No way do I include Jordan Hill for Randolph or any deal. This kid Hill has game wait and see, he should be a keeper for the next 10 seasons as a Knick. To answer the main thread question, the way Lee is playing this season there is no way we can afford him next season. He is playing great and if we could get younger, more athletic and someone with a much lower salary I'm all for it.

    Great Point

    The Knicks will not have enough flexibility in the 2010 offseason to resign over two of our seven (7) expiring contracts if we sign just one 2010 star FA. We are only allowed to go $13M over a (maybe) $53M cap situation.

    It look like we knock the resigning of our 7 expiring contracts down to just 3 players....Duhon, Harrington, and Lee (do to Dantoni rotation).
    We could afford the cost of resigning Duhon & Harrington.

    David Lee 2009-10 performance (so far) look like another "double-double" season, making his worth as an unrestricted FA $12M per (bird rights).
    The 2010-Plan can not mess with those type of resigning numbers for one player, if the plan is to sign one of the Star 2010 FA.

    SF-Wilson Chandler (bigman) perfomance I would have to put his value & worth much higher than Anthony Randolph all-around performance.
    So a trade of Lee for Randolph is straight robbery.....a trade with Utah for Milsap or Boozer & our 2010 draft pick for Lee is more equal.
    The Utah Jazz organization has probably set big plans on getting a star player out of 2010 draft with the Knicks 1-9 start this season, and .........

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    Kiya you are crazy mang Lee for Boozer and our draft pick back?!?!? why would Utah help us like that. Millsap > Booze & Lee. I think Booze and Lee are identical Players.

    Also Anthony Randolph has potential to be better than Wilson, and Lee. When Lee got major minutes he performed doing like 15 - 10 very admirable offensive numbers. He still can't play D.

    When Randolph got minutes 30 + Mins he was putting up 18 pts 9 rbds 1.5 blocks. He is 6'11 and stupid athletic, a perfect fit for this offense. Problem is he is kinda raw like Jordan Hill but i see more upside in him.

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    He doens't have a refined post game me Lee is a very polished Offensive player....i just take Defense over Offense any day.

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