OK so it is one thing to think that Duhon is one of, if not the worst starting PG's in the NBA -which every Knick fans knows he is- but some of you are just obessing over this fact a little too much!

Look if Chris Duhon was still on the books next season, I would hate the Hell out of this Dude! But he is gone after this season, just like Darko and Hughes so who whats the big deal?

Yes we would be better with an better PG, we would also be better with a true shot blocking Center, and a better SG.

He is probably as good a PG as Hughes is a SG, but people are not obessing over it the same, Why?

Let me sit you guys on the couch and dissect your thinking

Could it be that the Knicks managment gave him the keys to the offense when he clearly is not ready to run an offense full-time.....NO that can't be it because most Knick fans will recognize that Knicks Managment spent the whole off season trying to upgrade the PG positon, plus how can you blame the actual player for the bad choice made by the coach and managment?

Could it be Duhon's bad attitude and work ethic....No, say what you want about his abilities he is a humble player, who wouldve welcomed an upgrade at the position this off season. Him not just quitting after his shooting slump to start the season tells you about his work ethic.

Could it be that there is still a lot of heart broken Marbuary fans who view Duhon as the reason why their favorite player is no longer around?......Hmmm, I think I got it!

Next therapy session I will give you my professional opinion on how to come to grips with your issue!