The Knicks do not want to part with Gallo thus making him untouchable, and simply no other team in the league will touch Curry! Making him too "untouchable"

So would you pair the two of them for expiring contracts?

I have wrestled with this one for a while, I think we have all seen flashes of how good Gallo could become. He is a player that looks to do other things when his shot is falling and that is pretty mature for a 21 yr old. He is probably the best all around player on the team....and again he is only 21!

But, we need to move Curry if we are going to make any major moves this offseason. I am pretty confident that we could ship Jared Jefferies to a team like the Spurs in exchange for a couple of second rounders on July 1st, I think he has shown he can do the intagiables to help a team win. Curry has not shown anyone anything so to move him we are going to have give up a major piece!

Gallo's trade value is as bout as high as Curry's is low -and that might be giving too much credit to Danillo!- so really in theory a package containing both would be a wash.

What makes this idea entertainable is the idea that Wilson is looking better -albiet not on the level of Gallo, and doesnt seem to have Gallo's upside- and simply Gallo and Wilson occupy the same position and do not play well at any other position, so one should be moved.

Now if we did package them both-Curry and Danillo- for expiring deals it would give us an additional 14.5 million in cap space so lets say the cap comes in at 52 million that would give us 39 million in cap space next off season plus the MLE and lets say we do move Jefferies -like I think we could- that is 45 million plus the MLE

Now with that kinda of money and flexability on the line Danillo could be expendable. That would give us enough to sign Bosh,Johnson, resign David and Al and use the MLE on a PG like Blake


That is Power House is it worth it to move Danillo to move Curry?