we lost that game because we couldn't hit a wide open jump shot and could not stop Michael Beasley of all people. If they shoot badly instead of horrifically we win that game.

Only encouraging sign is seeing Gallo contribute even when his 3pt shot is off. He is starting to take the ball to the whole and if either finishing nicely or getting to the line.

Who else should the Knicks play outside of the 8 man rotation btw? Toney Douglas and Jordan Hill are obviously not ready to contribute or you could bet D'Antoni would be playing them. I guarantee he would rather have his guys that he drafted in there instead of these fill in guys. Nate is not playing and we have been winning so what are people complaining about? The guy hasn't won anything in this league outside of 2 dunk contests so if D'Antoni benches him and we win then good for him for not listening to people like beat-writers who have no idea what the **** they are talking about. D'Antoni is a great coach and he is proving it by changing up his style taking a bunch of 3rd rate players and backups and getting good wins. He is doing what Larry Brown could not do, adjust to the situation and make the best of it.

Talent wise there are only a few teams that have worse line-up than we do. Gallo, Lee and Harrington (and MAYBE Larry Hughes) are the only guys who would get any minutes on 75% of the teams in this league.