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    Nba Logo Does anyone feel sorry for the Nets?

    I know I don't feel sorry for them being 2-27.

    When they had Jason Kidd,Richard Jefferson, K-mart and were making NBA finals appearances they were the big shots of the tri-state area while the Knicks were 2nd rate to them.Now they're the worst team in the NBA and the laughing stock of professional sports behind the Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

    What a difference a couple of seasons make.It's not like the Knicks are that much better than they are but it kind of feels good to know that the Knicks have finally moved ahead of them.Hopefully the Knicks can compete with the Yankees for main headlines once they become a playoff team again.

    I heard that the Nets were one step closer to their Brooklyn arena project.I really hope that they don't move to New York City and I hope that they stay in New Jersey for the rest of their existence.NY doesn't need another NBA team and they definitely don't need to build a new arena for the Nets

    As for the Nets being 2-27, they definitely will land themselves John Wall if they continue in the pace that they're in right now.I guess that is why it seems like they're losing these games on purpose.With the young talent that they have they're a much better team than what their record shows people.Bruce Ratner must be salivating at the idea of the Nets drafting a top College player and rebuilding his organization out of today's college elite.Even if Lebron James doesn't sign with the Nets in the off season you cannot be in complete despair if you're a Nets fan.

    Every New York Knick fan that grew up loving the Knicks and hating the Nets should continue being apathetic towards the Nets and their struggles.I personally would love to watch New Jersey go 2-80 the rest of the season.Even though I happen to admire Brook Lopez,Devin Harris, Yi Jianlian, and the Net announcers I cannot feel sorry for a team that wants to give the Knicks competition in their own city.
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