If Donnie Walsh was to resign..... 3 or 4 of our 7 expiring-contracts the 2010 Plan would've been a waste. The Knicks cap as it stands can not sign a 2010 Star FA ($15M) plus resign our FA Lee, Nate, and Harrington (Bird Rights).

The Knicks can go way above the cap ($100M) resigning our own FA, but if we sign another teams FA one penny over the MLE we are only allowed to go $13M over the (assume) $53M cap for the 2010-11 season.
I know F...ked up.

Last season when alot of Star 2010 FA were not happy with their situation on their teams like the Boozer situation, the Amare situation, the T-Mac situation, and alot of other decent performing 2010 FA that were showing signs of wanting to be traded....was our big chance to load our roster with a few of these 2010 Star expiring contract players.
Especially, when we had our own players showing signs of a .500 season in the preseason. These Knick players started the season over looking their dislike for their teammates and was playing hard each game for the WIN (No Isiah Thomas distraction or favoritism).
Our first trade was supposed to be around the "ALL-Star Break" while our players were giving us a winning record (lastseason).

We could've did this with a coaching-staff of Herb Williams, Mark Aquire, and Patrick Ewing.

There were no "EXCUSE" for not being able to trade a one year striving 20-8 Marbury coming off the bench, a 20-10 Zach playing a little defense, an inconsistent high-scorer Crawford, and a healthy Eddy Curry being coached by Aquire & Ewing.
All of their "trade-values" would've risen (sky-high) by the middle of the season, to be traded for a few unhappy 2010 star FA, b/c each one of our "individual" star players had the talent to take over a game for the WIN without the distraction and confusion of Isiah Thomas (lastseason).