Look, David Lee's agent is drooling at the mouth nowadays!

And Donnie is kicking himself for not locking him up at a 5 yr 40 million dollar deal! Now its going to cost us!

David Lee is probably playing as good as any player in the league over the past few games.

He has added a new element to his game every year! He came back his sophomore year a 80% FT shooter up from 50%, his 3rd season he had to play behind Curry and Randolph and still was the most consistient player on the team, last year he picked up a somewhat reliable jump shot, now he has a pretty reliable jumper, plus a knack for scoring the ball proving he is more than just a rebounder!

David Lee is a testament to work ethic! And outside the mega-stars this off season David will the top FA this summer, the safe bet for Donnie is to sign Lee to extension before the bidding war begins on him