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    Default NY Sports Columnists..

    ..I wonder if they're fans of NY Sports teams at all? They hardly ever say anything good about us.. Nothing but harsh bull**** badmouthing us.. that ass Flip Bondy's article got me hating today. They're front runners, when we win we're all good.. When we lose we're the worst team. The only one I really like is Mike Dougherty he sounds like a columnist who's really a fan. These other fools are just paid to right things in the paper, they have no passion for the sport or the Knicks. That's almost similar to NY fans, but when we hate on our team it's out of love. I dunno bout these columnists.. Grr.

    Just needed to get that off my chest.

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    i dont like em either, they were so harsh on marbury, talking about how bad his shooting was, he had no help resulting in hard shot selection, resulting in a low fg% but still us TRUE fans, know he played well

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