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    Default Why/How The Knicks should pursue T.J. Ford

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    So it looks like Indy is trying to deal T.J. Ford and as a Knick fan I am excited about this fact!

    Look if Mike Dantoni's offense has made Chicago's 3rd string PG Chris Duhon into servicable PG then for sure TJ would do well in this offense. His numbers suck this season -1 for 28 from 3, yikes!-, but if you look at last season there is plenty to get excited over.

    Last season Duhon put up 11 pts 7 ast .9 steals in 37 minutes and 78 starts, Ford last year put up 15 pts 5 ast and 1 steal in 30 minutes and only 49 starts of 74 games played.

    As a full time starter w/ Toronto he put up 14 pts 8 ast 1.4 stls on a playoff team

    Point being if given an oppotunity by Mike Dantoni he would put up legit PG numbers. I am not saying he would be Steve Nash, but I think Rajon Rondo would be a fair expectation and that is a hell of an upgrade from what we have now.

    Duhon is a better shooter, but for sure Ford is quicker - its like comparing Shaq in 94 to Shaq now- and is a much better finisher going to the rim -like comparing Melo to Jefferies-.

    So How do we get him....

    One scenerio is Donnie approaches his agent about giving Ford a two year 10 million dollar deal next season. Why would TJ and his agent take that....because he is currently buried on Indy's bench and is in all likelyhood going to sit next season while making 8 million, so maybe playing while making 10 million over two may be a bit more intriguing. Hell if I were him I would take a one year 5 million dollar deal in Dantoni's offense just to boost my stock

    Ok scenerio two.....First We trade Jefferies for an expiring by the trade deadline -key-. We then offer Indy Cuttino's contract for Ford and a top 3 protected pick this year or unconditional next year. Indy wants him off the books like we want Curry or Jefferies off the Books, we would for sure give up a pick in the draft if someone offered us an expiring contract like Mobleys for Jefferies. Indy is lottery bound this would be a great deal for The Knicks, get a starting PG and a lottery pick in the same deal. Now, even with moving Jefferies this would still cut into our cap by 1.7 million, but, we would have paid more than that for a starting PG anyways, plus the obtained lottery pick could be used to move Curry or packaged with Wilson to fill voids

    Donnie has Indy connections and I would get in their ear about this one.
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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    T.J. was a good prospect at the point when he first entered the nba. Right now, its a whole different story. He has much talent, but I feel that he has some character issues. Why do you think he has moved around so much?

    Also, his past injuries are a concern. I don't want him breaking down and then having to resort back to dudu. That would be a wasted investment.

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    I don't think it would be wise to get T.J. for s. I respect T.J's game a lot and I followed him with toronto. He's got a good shot and a lot of energy on defense but is overall a bad pick up for the knicks as we have enough players now with poor shot selection.

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    One of the worst 3pt shooters and chuckers at his position.

    Defensively, doesn't do anything.

    .036 is his 3pt percentile.

    He's shooting 3% from 3 this season.

    Wanna know how many attempts he has taken?

    One 3pt shot made, out of 28.

    He's a career 29 3pt shooter.

    TJ Ford is just a fast PG.

    He offers nothing else, and never will.


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    Ford is a bummmmm...

    I rather have duhon, so that answers that.

    nuff said

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    DuDonkey is probably better than Ford which should basically close down this thread. and indy isnt giving out their 1st round pick, they need that pick to get another white guy in the draft LOL

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