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    Now hold on....Now some of you may not like TJ, but to say Duhon is better is crazy!

    Ford is a pure PG, he is quick, true he has no 3 pt shot, but that didnt stop us from pursuing the likes of Kidd and Andre Miller - and yes I know Kidd is a future Hall of Famer and TJ is not-

    I honestly do think that The Knicks could get a first rounder off Indy for taking him of for an expiring deal, especially Cuttino's contract, because that would help the struggling franchise save a lot of money.

    Now the deal breaker to me is the fact that some of you are saying their is attitude problems, frankly we dont need that! But I have honestly never heard of him not getting along with his teamates, but that is not saying there is no truth to that statement.

    But, TJ Ford would for sure be a major upgrade over Duhon! I mean this is an off season for him and he is putting up numbers not too far behind Duhon -aside from the 3 pt shooting-

    Not to mention, we are going to have to add a PG next offseason regardless and there are not too many better PGs in the 2010 FA class than Ford

    Raymond Felton and Blake are two you can say are better pickups than Ford

    But TJ Ford is better than the remaining notable PG's


    Again I would only take on TJ if we got a first rounder from Indy or he opted out of his current contract and signed with us for like 4.5 million.

    So outside of trading Wilson for a PG, we may not have too many better other options
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